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​​As Featured  in Health Freedom News Magazine Spring 2019 Volume 37


By Jennifer Wolff-Gillispie HWP, LC

Every year as Cal Jam approaches, I feel a sense of excitement and
urgency as I wonder what this year’s event will bring.  I look forward to
the speakers, hearing the music, and just enjoying being amongst some
of the most knowledgeable, brilliant, driven, and dedicated people on
the Planet. It is an opportunity to see old friends and make new ones
and to have an “ear to the wall” on breakthroughs in health and nutrition
directly from some of the most respected professionals in wellness and
health freedom. However, this year was one for the books.
In preparation for Cal Jam 2019, Laira De La Vega (NHF Director of
Public Relations) and I decided to seize an opportunity and plan an
intimate event the evening before. We envisioned a gathering of health-
freedom leaders that could meet, mingle, and get to know the
unparalleled work of the National Health Federation as well as become
acquainted with who NHF is and how we could help.  This invitation-
only event brought representatives from the National Health Federation
including President Scott Tips (who lead the meeting), Vice President
Gregory Kunin, Executive Director Katherine Carroll, Chairman Dr.
Hans Kugler, NHF Board Member and Chiropractor Dr. Russell Myers,
Los Angeles NHF Representative Birgitta Lauren, and NHF Policy
Advisor, researcher, and author Bill Sardi.
Additionally, representatives from the Children’s Health Defense, Mary
Holland and Kim Mack-Rosenberg, COO of Informed Consent Action
Network and Supervising Producer of ‘The Highwire with Del Bigtree,’
Catherine Layton. Also joining the group was Dr. Judy Mikovits,
researcher and author of Plague: One Scientist’s Intrepid Search for the
Truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,
Autism and Other Diseases. NHF member, Chiropractor, and wellness
educator, Dr. John Bergman, Chiropractor and advocate and activist,

Dr. Madeline Altman, activist Shawnee Harris, and Karen Harris of
California Health Coalition Advocacy Board member were present as
As a personal chef and owner of ReJen Lifestyle, I collaborated with my
very generous friends Ernest & Misty Romero from J Wolf Catering to
donate all of the evening’s organic, non-GMO, plant-based hor
d’oeuvres which I prepared with the help of my lovely daughter, Kodie
while Bill Sardi kindly provided the refreshments.
With so many experienced, informed, and conscionable people in
attendance the conversation quickly turned to the current state of health
freedom in our Nation and the threats, not to public health (as
mainstream media would have you believe), but to our inherent rights
as Americans to freedom of choice, informed consent, and safety from
the bodily harm that is inevitable when one-size-fits-all medicine
becomes mandated in the United States or any Country.
Our collective consensus was to create more opportunities to
collaborate with one another in the future working toward educating and
informing the public as to; what independent studies are proving in
regards to vaccine dangers (in stark contradiction to the “safety” and
“efficacy” studies done by Pharmaceutical companies); the fraud and
failures at the CDC, FDA, and HHS; working diligently to help overturn
the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act; staying abreast with
new proposed state laws and bills focused on vaccine mandates as well
as the ever increasing media blackout surrounding anything vaccine
“awareness” related. With such an amazing turnout and wonderful
feedback we decided that not only would we hold an annual pre-Cal
Jam Health Freedom Leaders event, but we would also create a
website where these leaders could together share vital information
which can be found here: ________________ . Dr. Russell Myers and
Dr. John Bergman of Bergman Family Chiropractic promised to not only
deepen their involvement within NHF, but to bring awareness of it’s
work to their clients and colleagues. This was definitely a night to

remember and as stated by one of the participants that evening, “the
information shared in this room will change the world.”
If that wasn’t enough, the next morning brought what we’d all been
waiting for- CAL JAM! Dr. Billy DeMoss (Chiropractor and creator of Cal
Jam) was featured on the cover of the last issue of Health Freedom
News which garnered a lot of support and interest. This issue was
widely distributed during the event to attendees as it contained 2
extremely informative articles (one from Dr. Billy DeMoss and one by
Katherine Carroll) about the importance of Chiropractic to the health of
children, and the other on NHF’s long history of supporting and
defending the chiropractic profession.
For the last 3 years I have been honored to attend Cal Jam
representing the National Health Federation, but this year was extra
special for me as my 18-year old daughter Kodie, who is vaccine injured
and on the Autism Spectrum, decided to volunteer her time as well.  An
advocate and activist in her own right, she came to learn, and she came
to help but more importantly she came to be a voice for those who have
already been injured.
Every year the speakers blow my mind and this year was no different.
The lineup included: BJ Hardick DC, Dave Asprey, Brad Glowaki DC,
Fran Dresher, Fred Schofield DC, Claudia Anrig DC, Mark Debrincat
DC, Guy Riekeman DC, Hugo Gibson DC, Niurka, Tony Ebel DC,
Patrick Gentempo DC, Josh Axe DC, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Mary
Holland, Del Bigtree, James Chestnut DC, Zach Bush MD, Ben
Greenfield, Ron Oberstein DC, Devin Vrana DC, Heather Wolfson DC,
and the man who makes it all happen- Dr. Billy De Moss.

Each having their own unique and compelling message focused on
health and action, they took to the stage for 2 days sharing vital,
groundbreaking information and news. As I sat and listened to
information on Chiropractic, nutrition, vaccine safety and more, the

overwhelming thought that kept coming back to me was, “EVERYONE I
know should be here.”
Why? Because I believe knowledge is power, especially when it
pertains to your health and personal freedom. We all deserve the truth.
In a time when we know our media only tells one side of the story and
Big Pharma pays them to do so, The National Health Federation, it’s
members and I want transparency and I hope that you do too.
The messages from Cal Jam that impacted me the most which I wanted
to bring back to you are:

“...there is no question that as a matter of global law, international
law, mandates can’t stand. They are a violation of our fundamental
human rights. So, starting in the 1920s in case law in the United States,
we have the notion of informed consent that any adult must be able to
make a decision about their own medical interventions. After WW2, and
you know the revelation of medical atrocities that Nazi Germany had
perpetrated, the Nuremberg Code stipulated that any person involved in
a human experiment had to have free consent, they had to have the
right to refuse. And that definition over time, extended and extended, so
that it’s now not just about experimentation; it’s about any treatment
option. And so, in 2005, under the United Nations, UNESCO created a
declaration on bioethics and human rights. Article 6 of that declaration
which every country in the world has signed onto, including the United
States, says it has to have prior, free, and informed consent for all
medical interventions. There is no carve out for vaccine mandates,
there is no carve out for preventative medicine. You have the right to
prior, free, and informed consent. Coercion is not informed consent.
Let’s be clear. You have to have the right to say no for it to actually be
So where do mandates come from? It’s really important for us to
understand- how could it be that there is this total cognitive dissonance
between what our human rights are and what the laws are in the
country today? So, where these mandates come from is a Supreme

Court decision from 1905 called Jacobson vs Massachusetts. And
Jacobson was in a totally different era, totally different medicine, right?
This is before antibiotics, this is before IV nutrition, this was before
refrigeration. This was a completely different era and they were dealing
with a deadly respiratory illness. They were dealing with smallpox. They
were dealing with one vaccine. So what I find remarkable, is
that...Massachusetts upheld the Cambridge mandate for the adult
population. Right? They didn’t impose this on children because children
were too vulnerable. This was for adults and the penalty for
noncompliance was a fine of $5 that in today’s dollars would be about
$115. Right? Radically different then what we have today where all this
is being imposed on children, not on adults for the most part and it’s
mandated so if you don't comply with the mandates here in California,
these kids can’t go to school. This is effectively almost a kind of internal
exile. This is depravation of civil rights on a really remarkable scale.” -
Mary Holland JD

“We are living in an age that I never expected this country to end
up. Even reading Orwell and Kafka and the weird stuff that is happening
today, the surreal stuff, where you have a party that I grew up in and
love, the Democratic Party. The heads of the Democratic Party, Adam
Schiff, one of the most visible, vocal Democrats in this country, last
week wrote letters to heads of Google and Mark Zuckerberg of
Facebook asking them to censor information from mothers and others
about vaccinations and they are already doing it. We had, we had, I’ve
put 2 pictures of vaccine injured children on my Facebook page... this
week on 2 different days I tried to put them on Facebook, and they were
blocked. Here you have a head of the leaders of one of the biggest
Parties (Democratic) in our country who is asking social media to
censor information that is critical, that is questioning the safety of a
pharmaceutical product. .... these companies that make our vaccines, 4
companies, are convicted felons. Every one of them. In the last 10
years, since 2009, they have paid collectively 35 billion dollars in
damages and penalties; for lying to doctors, for bribing doctors, for
defrauding public health regulators. And the Democrats say, oh they are

terrible, what a horrible company- but when it comes to vaccines, they
are telling the truth?”- Robert F Kennedy Jr.
“Now... I don’t want a bunch of followers, I want you guys to go
back to being leaders.”- Dr. Billy DeMoss
In my book, these are all calls to action. Dr. Billy DeMoss exemplified
this when he promised to raise money for Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s,
Children’s Health Defense. Mr. Kennedy asked if Dr. Billy could raise
CHD $20,000 and Billy countered with the promise to raise $100,000.
When this health freedom community gathered after Day 1 of Cal Jam
for the Gala dinner, donations started pouring in from the guests. On
Day 2, The Children’s Health Defense was presented a check for
$500,000 to go toward a legal fund to investigate, expose and dismantle
any agencies, individuals, corporations or laws that do not put our
health and freedom first. This generosity and nobility aren’t just for
those we look up to. Each one of us is capable of “moving mountains”
and being a leader. It starts with your desire and drive for change.
Our lives right now and the lives of our future generations depend on
you and me to pay attention, become informed, rally for, and support
freedom and the right to informed consent, network within our own
communities to raise awareness of health and medical freedom issues,
let our voices be heard (share on social media, call, e-mail or write
letters to companies, government representatives and the President
showing your disapproval or support of their actions) and be charitable
to causes that truly support and protect YOU, like The National Health
Federation. See you next year at Cal Jam!