As a country, America was founded on tenets of freedom. Our people and our county are imbued with an almost tangible liberty. Our founding fathers had specific intentions and dreams for their new Nation when they wrote the Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”i But as the first days of 2016 are upon us, we must ask ourselves, is it possible that lawmakers with a swift stroke of their almighty pen could actually take away our ability to choose for ourselves and be free? That answer, if you live in California, is an astounding Yes.

On June 29, 2015, Senator Jerry Brown of California approved Senate Bill 277 (SB277) that mandates all children will need to be fully vaccinated in order to attend school (K-12) regardless of personal or religious beliefs.ii Where once a family could make an informed decision of their own volition and sign a Personal/Religious Beliefs Exemption, they will no longer have that option and are being forced to receive unwanted and/or unneeded medical treatment against their will. The only exemption that will be allowed in the coming year will be a specific medical exemption. This medical exemption must be verified and signed by a licensed Physician stating that the child has a condition or family history that would exclude them from the mandatory vaccination. However, this may be an extremely difficult exemption to obtain.iii The only other option would be to home school your child but for most working families, that would not be an option due to time, financial, or other limiting constraints.

Regardless whether you identify yourself as an “anti-vaxxer,”iv a proponent for “herd immunity,”v or perhaps your views are somewhere in between, the reality is that in 2016 we will see our government begin to make our own healthcare decisions for us. We are no longer free to choose. If we all take a moment to think about the implications of this decision, we have real reason for concern. Replace the term “vaccination” with “sterilization” or “micro-chipping,” and for most, the notion of it being mandatory is undoubtedly frightening, but also goes against everything our country was founded upon. How is it even possible that as Americans we have lost one of the most fundamental freedoms- human rights? This is unacceptable. It's time that we all stand up, take action and let our voice be heard. If we allow one basic human right to be taken we are silently endorsing future rights to be removed as well.

Here is what you need to know in the days, weeks, and months to come. As of December 31, 2015, if your child does not have a Personal/Religious Vaccine Exemption form filed with their school they will need to fully vaccinated and up to date on all scheduled vaccines as of July 2016. If an exemption is filed before December 31, 2015, your child will be “grandfathered in” and will not need to receive vaccines or boosters until the States two vaccine checkpoints, which are Kindergarten and 7th grade. At that point, under the current law, unless your child is given a medical exemption by their Physician they will need to be fully vaccinated to attend public and private schools as well as daycare and after school programs. vi

California is not the only State that no longer allows Personal/Religious Belief Exemptions. Information regarding your State's current policy can be obtained at If you live in California and you would like to contact Governor Jerry Brown and tell him why SB277 is un-American and arguably unconstitutional, he can be reached through his website at If you live outside of California and would like to preemptively contact your own Senators to ensure that a bill like this is not passed in your State, you can find their contact information at:

It is imperative that as United States citizens we act expeditiously to ensure that our right to choose is protected by overturning SB277. The time is now- your voice needs to be heard and your vote counted. Call your Senators, Governors, The White House and the offices of all politicians running for the Presidency and ask where they stand on forced health care, specifically vaccinations. Demand SB277 be overturned and the Personal Belief (as well as the Religious Belief) Exemption be reinstated, otherwise they will NEVER get your vote. The freedoms, liberties, and rights (as well as health) of your children and future generations is at stake.


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By: Jennifer M. Wolff-Gillispie, HWP, LC

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As featured in Health Freedom News Magazine Winter 2015 Volume 33