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Jennifer Wolff-Gillispie, HWP, LC & Owner

​​​​​​​​​Jennifer Wolff-Gillispie is a Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Certified Life Coach, Minister, Freelance Journalist, Personal Chef and Urban Farmer who has over 25 years experience in the natural health field.  

She began her journey into wellness profession as a Chiropractic Assistant in 1998 and spent nearly 15 years working in that role with an amazing mentor and later with several other accomplished doctors. 

Jennifer went on to attend the Kali Institute for Massage & Somatic Therapies and is a graduate of the Southwest Institute of Healing Artswith her degree in Mind-Body Transformational Psychology. 

She is the former Director of Holistic Health for The National Health Federation, having served as a Ventura Chapter leader for over 10 years and a contributing writer for Health Freedom News for 5 years.  Jennifer has also lent her writing skills to organizations such as Bragg's Live Foods and California Jam.  

In addition to being the founder and practitioner of ReJen Lifestyle, she proudly represents Freedom of Religion, United Solutions (FOR-US) as a Religious Coalition Member & Director of Exemptions as well as being a staff writer at A Voice For Choice Advocacy.

She proud mother of 2 amazing children and began speaking out about the dangers of the pharmaceutical industry after injuries to both of her children over 15 years ago.  

 After her own  serious injury, Jennifer was forced to leave the workplace and redefine her career in 2012.  She has since spent the subsequent years learning,  healing and growing (on every level) and is constantly striving to learn new ways to live 


Driven by the desire to make a positive change in how our communities approach health, she directs her efforts to where she believes there will be the most impact; FAMILY.  By teaching children (and their loved ones) from an early age the value of health and wellness of the mind, body and spirit, Jennifer KNOWS we will help save our future generations from a life of        DIS-EASE and disconnect. She believes that almost ANY illness or affliction can be treated and healed without toxic drugs or harmful surgeries and that we need to treat our bodies as a WHOLE for true healing to occur. 

Her approach to wellness is to offer her clients a variety of services and support for individuals, families and communities that include Life and Nutritional Coaching & Education, Personal Chef Services, Holistic Resources & Referrals and more!  Her focus is bringing products, services and information to her clients that are safe, effective and natural. 

Jennifer believes that by sharing her breakthroughs and successes (and failures!) with the world, we can all learn, change and grow- TOGETHER.